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Successful completion of tasks for your business and organization is our purpose.

Evolution of Faery Godmothers –
Three Women Committed to Extraordinary Service Levels

We are 3 women who have a passion for assisting small to mid sized businesses and public sector organizations by offering our services in 4 distinct categories that assist you in staying on top of your day-to-day operational requirements.

Marie-Helene – HR Power, Governance Strategies & Event Organization

Marie-Helene – HR Power, Governance Strategies & Event Organization

Marie-Helene has worked in occupations that developed her skills in managing recruitment processes from end-to-end, retention of talent, cultural transformation, inclusion of diversity principles and practices, team development, and business reorganization. Working overseas in Papua New Guinea she gained valuable experience in managing diverse workplace dynamics.

Having worked with small and mid sized business she has assisted in the shaping of change and transition at cultural and operational levels. Marie-Helene has worked within public sector and has developed Board Governance and HR Power strategies and capacity.  She has also hosted, planned, and facilitated events.

Marie-Helene’s HR Power includes talent attraction, interviewing, hiring, offers, orientation for new employee’s, organizational development, training, operational health and safety requirements, and succession planning.

Shelley – Maintenance of Data Systems & Conference & Event Organization

Shelley – Maintenance of Data Systems & Conference & Event Organization

Shelley has solid track record of exceeding client expectation within the public sector. She is an experienced professional with a versatile background in managing processes and administration. 

She has a developed knack for harnessing the power of software and spreadheads. A core strength is her ability to streamline processes and enhance efficiency through meticulous data management. Shelley is proficient in editing, formatting, and content creation, with a keen eye for detail. She is dedicated to delivering results and driving impactful solutions in every endeavor.

Shelley is an experienced event organizer adept at orchestrating large-scale events. She has demonstrated skill in crafting comprehensive procedure manuals, proficient with various software systems, committed to maintaining confidentiality, and excels at meeting deadlines. She has demonstrated success in catering to a diverse clientele, spanning both private and public sectors, locally, regionally, provincially and within the global marketplace.

Lisa –Graphic & Digital Design, Publishing & Presentations

Lisa –Graphic & Digital Design, Publishing & Presentations

Lisa is a commercial artist whose creative journey has spanned constant changes in the graphic industry. Her passion for transforming business ideas and identity into striking visuals was the catalyst to start a freelance studio full time. Embracing new releases of Adobe software became pivotal to work on larger projects that contributed to clients’ success.  She is also adept with PowerPoint and is able to assist with a create visual presentation for business and organizational needs.

Lisa’s work is a testament to her unwavering dedication to push the boundaries of innovation. She has collaborated with a diverse combination of clients and projects, ranging from advertising and branding to digital illustration and web design.

Today, Lisa continues to delight clients with intuitive designs, employing the perfect blend of color, typography and imagery unique to each project. Her artistic endeavors are the result of an unquenchable thirst for new creative discoveries and a drive to inspire. Lisa looks forward to crafting visually stunning designs for you that will resonate with your most valuable customers and support your team’s efforts.

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